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Vi har ett brett sortiment på förstklassiga produkter från ledande leverantörer inom hydraulik, pressmaskiner, borrar, bilvård, oljor, slip m.m.

Observera att det går bra att beställa produkter som inte ingår i P.C Slang & Maskiners ordinära webbshops sortiment, från prospekten nedanför, via mail eller telefon.


The main objective of the company is to interpret and anticipate the customer’s needs through good service and technical support combined with care and accuracy.

Attention and commitment to quality have always been a main feature of the company. FB Group is aware that their quality improves day by day through dialogue and active participation of all employees. The quality system completely fulfills with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001, which is used as a general guideline in everyday work. Our goal to satisfy the customers is based on the principle of delivering uniform products with consistent quality and on the utmost respect for deadlines.


Genom sin kompromisslösa kvalitetssäkring på alla nivåer, tillverkar MOTOREX produkter och tjänster av en genomgående hög kvalitet. 1993 fick företaget det internationellt erkända ISO 9001-certifikatet för sin totala prestanda inom utveckling, forskning, produktion, försäljning, kundservice, slutkontroll, marknadsföring och kommunikation. ISO 14001 tilldelades i slutet av 2003. Denna distinktion är en garanti för att du har valt rätt partner samt att MOTOREX står för bästa kvalitet till rimliga priser.

SQS Certifikat
ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001:2004


Codan has a long and proud tradition in rubber production and has been manufacturing quality hoses for the Automotive industri for many years, supplying OEM products to a wide range of industries. Codan is an internationally recognized manufacturer and partner to OEM businesses within several industries such as foodstuff, medico, electronics, furniture and design articles.


Heliflex have an important role in the hose market for more than 44 years since it has a great experience on the transformation of polymers and because it has a big variety of products. The rigor of the raw material's selection, the creativity, the innovation of the products and also the performance has allowed Heliflex to follow the market's evolution. Heliflex comes to light due to the way it develops its entrepreneurial activity by penetrating into the global market.

Bearing in mind the qualification of our employees and the research department, we try to apply new technologies and the technical knowledge to our products in order to allow Heliflex to grow concerning quality and efficiency. Our performance and the quality of our products are recognized through the certification of the Portuguese Quality Institute by the standard ISO 9001:2008 and AENOR.


BrakeQuip was founded in 1998 with the mission of providing a comprehensive Do It Yourself (DIY) program for making automotive tubes and hoses. The company’s innovative solutions include programs for brakes, power steering, and fuel lines. The company also sells specialty tools, fittings and equipment for a wide range of automotive plumbing applications. DOT approved!


NORRES’ certification to ISO 9001:2008 underlies our consistently high standard – from purchasing through product development to production and shipping. Our total quality management concept plays a key part in the comprehensive fulfilment of our service pledge. NORRES hoses comply with a wide range of standards and specifications in the most diverse industries, including the ATEX Directive, UL approvals, FDA conformity and numerous other food regulations.

Simply good is not good enough for NORRES – total quality is the benchmark by which we measure our performance!


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