Flaretite 37° JIC/AN Copper Plain -12


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Your Utimate Solution for eliminating leaks!

Independently tested by Eaton’s Aeroquip hose & fittings division to one million high pressure square wave pulse cycles on badly scored JIC flared fitting faces without failure, this design, which easily installs by simply clipping over the male flare section, makes Flaretite Seals the single best choice “compliant seal” flared type fitting permanent leak free fix.

Flared connections fitted with Flaretite Seals are today’s answer to low cost, high integrity, ”Zero-Leak” fittings, while complying with new international standards. This unique seal may be fitted to AN, JIC, SAE, hydraulic, pneumatic and gas fittings.

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Dash size 12

Fits AN 12 (1 1/16″x12NF) male fittings

Rated for all temperatures and all common gases & fluids including gasoline and diesel

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